Federico Vallarino Teams Up With Toon Boom In Italy

Federico Vallarino, Italy
Posted on: November 4, 2016 —

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Federico Vallarino is the founder and owner of Vallaround Creative Studio based in Milan, Italy. This innovative studio is focused on creating short-form animation for movies, television and corporate videos, along with producing graphics and animated content for game apps. Federico's project Koouka won the MIP Junior International Pitch in 2013 and was later selected for the 2015 Cartoon Forum. He has since worked at several agencies and production companies as a Producer, Animator and Director. Federico has also conducted professional training in animation for both schools and the industry, and was the Sales Representative for Toon Boom Animation Inc. in Italy from 2010 to 2015.

Federico will be a key resource for all schools, students, freelancers and studios in Italy who use or want to use Toon Boom software. As part of his mandate, Federico will connect various studios and production houses that use Toon Boom with international counterparts who seek production partners. New Toon Boom customers in Italy will receive a complimentary 3-hour orientation to Harmony and Storyboard Pro software.

To learn more, please contact Federico through his studio's website here.

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