MIGS15 Recap: Double Stallion Talks about Using Harmony for Games

MIGS15 Recap: Double Stallion Talks about Using Harmony for Games
Posted on: November 18, 2015 —

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From Sunday November 15 to November 17, game makers and industry experts congregated in beautiful Montreal Canada for the MIGS conference. For three days, MIGs is the place to be with independent game developers and big productions from all over the world launching games, presenting top-notch content, and seeking financers for their present and future projects.

Toon Boom was in attendance throughout the show, and on the last day, Double Stallion Games' Daniel Menard, Co-founder and CEO, along with Eric Angelillo, Co-founder and Art Director, joined Toon Boom's Francisco Del Cueto to talk about using Harmony for game development. Eric and Daniel showed attendees how Double Stallion is able to efficiently produce high-quality animation for their games by creating cut-out 2D rigs in Harmony (that look hand-drawn), which can easily then be exported to the Unity Game Engine.

An independent game studio based in Montreal, Double Stallion Games specializes in bringing games with a stylized and polished hand-drawn look to a wide variety of platforms – which can be a challenge given limitations of some devices. Double Stallion recently switched to Harmony as it enables them to more easily create the look they want for their designs. During their MIGS session, Double Stallion compared Harmony with other tools they've used, highlighting the benefits of choosing it for their pipeline – such as how Harmony's advanced deformer tools enable them to more efficiently create animation sequences that look hand drawn.

If you missed MIGS this time around, hope to see you there next year!

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