Spectrum Productions Creates Opportunities for Youth with Autism

Spectrum Productions Creates Opportunities for Youth with Autism
Posted on: December 15, 2015 —

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Spectrum Productions believes in encouraging and supporting the social, creative and vocational advancement of youth and young adults on the Autism Spectrum (ASD). We offer those who participate in our programs a quality experience in film and media production through easy access to the tools, equipment and guidance they need to make personal and collaborative projects.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to provide a platform for the voice of youth on the Autism Spectrum. We share their ideas and creations with the world – first, to help participants realize their potential, and second, to help move the conversation around Autism to one of creative possibilities.

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In our studio located in the Mile End of Montreal, participants are given the opportunity to produce media. We started out with a single summer camp in 2009, and have grown into a year-round organization that offers internship and job opportunities, creative afterschool programming, animation clubs, social clubs, and multiple summer camps. It has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey.

With our comprehensive, diverse and accessible programming model, Spectrum Production not only introduces participants to production, but also offers a path that they can continue to follow, either as a hobby or professionally.

Spectrum currently provides employment services to over 20 individuals with ASD. Over the past year we have hired 8 individuals who provide professional contract production work and these talented individuals are also gaining experience as animators for our social, creative and summer camp programming.

  • Ben creating during camps
  • Lucas at work during camp

Our goal to create a space for where individuals with ASD’s can explore their creativity, improve their social skills and work on concrete projects that contribute to their being culturally and economically included in larger society is becoming a reality. Spectrum will continue to employ people with ASD who are waiting for their shot to contribute to the creative world, and help them find job opportunities by:

  • Working with other animation houses and production companies who can outsource aspects of their pipelines.

  • Marketing our fully functional soundstage and green screen complete with staff on the Autism Spectrum who are ready to assist on all facets of production.

  • Continuing to offer contract services for our growing client base.

  • And most importantly, by promoting and investing in the creativity of the individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Check out what Spectrum Productions is all about and help us bring even more ideas from the Autism Spectrum to reality by contributing to our first annual giving campaign here!

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