Stop Motion Video Wins Best Animation at the 2015 Berlin Music Video Awards

Mascha Halberstad at 2015 Berlin Music Video Awards
Posted on: June 25, 2015 —

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The winners of the 2015 Berlin Music Video Awards were announced this month. This is the BMVA’s third year under the guidance of creator Aviel Silook, and it has become a great place for both the famous and the almost-famous to show their music videos, network, learn, and just plain have a great time. Covering everything from filmmaking workshops to video marathons, the Berlin Music Video Awards is carving out a niche for itself by offering awards in a number of unusual categories.

The event is growing quickly, having tripled the number of attendees between its first and second year. It draws an unusual crowd unfazed by unique entertainment. Last year’s final winner's trophy was stolen on stage by a gang of naked men in beaver masks. To promote this year’s new category, "Best Experimental Video", the Berlin Music Video Awards aired the most outlandish videos coupled with the most freakish live acts, such as Grausame Tochter, who was also on the jury for the "Most Bizarre" category.

Fear not—the category nearest and dearest to our hearts, "Best Animation", is also included in the awards. The animation category includes 3-D, 2-D and stop-motion animation. The main requirement of any entry is that it remains authentic.

And the Winner Is…

The entire list of winners is here, but of course we will focus on the animation category. This year's "Best Animation" award went to production company Superfelix from the Netherlands for its beautiful stop motion work on "Wild Frontier" by the band The Prodigy.


This is not the first award for Art Director and Director of Photography Mascha Halberstad. She also won the 2012 International Animated Short Film award at Germany's Schlingel Film Festival for her short "Goodbye Mister de Vries", using no computer effects whatsoever.


Her short film entitled "Trailer" ran in every Netherlands Pathe cinema before "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1".

Congratulations to Mascha and the Superfelix team on the win!

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