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Toon Boom's VERY exciting announcement at Kidscreen Summit 2017

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It's no secret that Toon Boom will be at Kidscreen Summit 2017 next week. We heard people were talking so we're addressing the rumours: we will be sharing some big news about Storyboard Pro on Monday, February 13. You will definitely want to come by our table to see and hear it first.

Here are some exciting hints we can give you:

  • From textured vectors to flat lines, we will help you get a fresh 'perspective'

  • We're turning up the volume on syncing sounds under transitions

  • 'Brush up' on some new, bigger tools

  • Spend less time on timelines — from frames to markers

  • No more 'WTF' when importing and exporting PDFs

"Our engineers and animation software developers have invested a lot of time connecting with clients to learn how Toon Boom can better meet their needs," says Francois Lalonde, Vice-President of Sales. "We have been working around the clock ahead of Kidscreen Summit 2017 and we could not be more thrilled with the results!"

Toon Boom was recently described as the most widely used animation software in the "Global Animation Industry 2017: Strategies Trends & Opportunities" report. While our team has noted huge movement and evolution within the industry, Storyboard Pro continues to be the program of choice for creative leaders.

"When looking for artists, Storyboard Pro is a requirement. Working with other platforms is too much of a hassle," says Seth Kearsley, storyboard artist for "The Secret Life of Pets" and director of "Family Guy".

2D animation is undergoing a 'toon boom' of its own, with more projects, partnerships and productions than ever to keep pace with society's thirst for quality content. Our Storyboard Pro announcement ensures Toon Boom will continue to be at the forefront of animation software.

Stay 'tooned'!

Check out what else we will be up to next week in our "5 Things You Must See at Kidscreen Summit 2017".

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