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This year, Toon Boom has been quietly working on a new LEARN portal for animators and storyboard artists. The idea behind the portal is to provide courses and learning materials that are accessible to all artists, whether a student, hobbyist, professional or educator. It's free and, with the chance to earn some badges along the way, it can even be fun!

With the LEARN portal, anyone can learn Toon Boom software and you can work at your own pace to improve your skills on Harmony and Storyboard Pro. We're still in the beta stage of development, but we wanted to put LEARN out there now so you could start using this great resource as soon as possible.

Even though the LEARN portal in Beta, there is a lot of great content. It's organized to let you focus on specific topics: choose the subject you're interested in and follow its path to completion. Along the way, you'll test your skills, get points and earn badges.

There are journeys aimed at all types of artists such as those who want to be cut-out animators or those who want to be rigging artists. There is even an Educational curriculum for teachers with content that could be used in class or for afterclass reviews.

The Toon Boom specialists who designed the journeys cover many of the ins-and-outs of the topics at hand to provide the optimal amount of information to help you improve your skills. But don't take my word for it, visit the LEARN portal and see what's there.