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Get a glimpse into the world of a Storyboard Artist - Joe Banaszkiewicz

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11 Questions with Joe Banaszkiewicz


What is your artist background?

I was that kid in school who always drew cartoons on his papers in Math and English classes. But I was kinda mixed up too because during actual art classes I would write down mathematical equations and verbs on my art pad.


What's your favorite artist quote?

I have four quotes that I am constantly falling back on. The first is from my mentor at CalArts, Bob Winquist, who said, "Design is the logical arrangement of objects with order for interest."

The second quote is from John K. himself that came from when I worked with him on The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil. John liked to say "Draw it on model, cute or funny."

My third artist quote is from George Lucas who said, "A movie is never finished, just abandoned." Finally, this one from Bruce Timm is good too: "Keep it simple."


How did you get started in Animation?

Well like I said, before I was always doing cartoons in class from elementary school through middle school and high school. Then I took art classes at my local community college (Santa Barbara City College) and when I submitted my portfolio to the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California I got accepted.


What work do you most enjoy doing?

I think the beginning stages of any project when you are working it out are the most inspiring and energizing. That would be followed by finishing up and seeing if the execution of the idea works and communicates to an audience. This goes for any animated project or book I'm working on.


What was the first animated movie you ever saw?

That's easy, the first animated film I saw was Disney's 'The Jungle Book' back in 1967. Yeah, I know I'm old. But then again I even have a selfie I took with Moses after he just came down from Mount Sinai.


What is your favorite animated movie?

I like The Iron Giant, and The Simpsons Movie, and the first SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. My favorite Disney short is Lonesome Ghosts. Those would be followed by any of the classic Warner Bros. shorts (what can I say I'm a 'gag' guy).


Why do you work in Storyboard Pro?

Because it's "artist friendly," meaning it was designed for artists. Storyboard Pro allows you to move from the 2D world to the digital one fairly easily.


Gosford the Ghost expressions by Joe Banaszkiewicz


What is the best part of your day?

Knowing I climbed an incredibly difficult "artistic" mountain and I look back at it and say "Yeah, I did it!"


What is your dream project?

To have my Gosford the Ghost stories made into animated films.


Professionally, what's your goal?

To keep folks laughing either with drawings/gags or doing comedy on stage.


What do you want to do when you grow up?

How about get taller? Okay I want to get better at drawing using Storyboard Pro!

  • Drawings by Joe Banaszkiewicz
  • Drawings by Joe Banaszkiewicz
  • Drawings by Joe Banaszkiewicz
  • Drawings by Joe Banaszkiewicz
  • Drawings by Joe Banaszkiewicz
  • Drawings by Joe Banaszkiewicz
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