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Studios in Melbourne are looking for Toon Boom animators!

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Things are on an upswing Down Under for animators. The Australian animation industry has risen to become an even greater regional power — buoyed by tax incentives, an attractive Aussie dollar, and a growing network of schools and studios producing high-quality content. Though Sydney often gets the spotlight, Melbourne is also an epicentre, offering opportunities to work on world-class projects without the need to move to Los Angeles.

Thanks to partnerships with institutions like Charles Sturt University, Griffiths University and Victorian School of the Arts (University of Melbourne), and our Oceania reseller, Storm FX, Toon Boom has created an educational and economic ecosystem in Australia to facilitate long-term careers. Melbourne, the country’s second-largest city, is seeing four of its studios transition from Flash to Harmony. Their need for professional animators is growing rapidly, both for service work and original IPs, particularly those who excel at rigging, compositing and understand a Toon Boom pipeline, including Storyboard Pro

If you are a freelance animator or recent graduate hoping to find work in a Melbourne studio, you should post your resume and portfolio to the Toon Boom Job Connections page. The board is checked frequently by those making hiring decisions. Also, you can make yourself more employable by continuing to develop and future-proof your skills through a journey on our Learn Portal — entirely for free!

UPDATE: Studio Moshi in Melbourne is looking for a Harmony IT Specialist. Please email enquiries and resumes to

What Melbourne studio would you like to work for? Let us know in the comments below!

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