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Top Animation News: My Little Pony, a Bob’s Burgers movie and more

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Top Animation News is a weekly column that rounds up the biggest, best and breaking stories from the world of animation. This edition covers September 29 to October 06, 2017.

  1. The cinematography of 'My Little Pony: The Movie'.

'My Little Pony: The Movie' comes out this Friday in North America and the feature —based on Hasbro's 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic' series— promises not to disappoint its devoted fanbase. Director of photography and animator Anthony Di Ninno served as cinematographer, and he describes how he brought the 'Mane 6' to life on the big screen using Toon Boom Harmony. Key features virtual camera movements, digital lighting and 3D integration.

Gallop over to the 'My Little Pony: The Movie' cinematography interview on 'Animation World News'.

  1. A 'Bob's Burgers' movie is coming in 2020.

Fan favourite 'Bob's Burgers' has found itself on 20th Century Fox's movie menu, with the studio announcing a July 17, 2020 release date. It's already been a big year for the show: it won its second Outstanding Animated Series Emmy. Created in Toon Boom Harmony, it follows Bob Belcher and his family as they run a hamburger restaurant — all while getting into some meaty misadventures. The feature film will be produced by Fox Animation.

Find more juicy details about the 'Bob's Burger' movie on 'Deadline'.

Source: Adult Swim/VICE.

  1. Seven conspiracy theories from the 'Rick and Morty' season finale.

Did the American government fake the moon landing? Or did the CIA kill Tupac? According to the final episode of 'Rick and Morty' season three, it would seem so. Set mostly in the basement of the White House, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland packed it full of delicious Eastern eggs for hawk-eyed fans. ('Rick and Morty is created in Toon Boom animation software.)

The truth is out there — specifically, on 'Vice'.

  1. Cartoon Network turns 25 and dances us down memory lane.

From Dexter doing the Robot to Johnny Bravo performing the Monkey, Cartoon Network's 25th anniversary bumper busts a move — and shimmies up all sorts of nostalgia. The channel has become known for its short bumper videos during commercial breaks, and its latest reunites some of its best characters from the past and present. Cartoon Network confirmed via Twitter it will be releasing more over the course of the week.

Waltz over to 'Polygon' to see the full list of Cartoon Network character dance moves.

  1. McDonald's is bringing back Szechuan sauce because of 'Rick and Morty'.

It's a double dip of 'Rick and Morty' news this week! McDonald's is bringing back its famed Szechuan chicken nugget dipping sauce after it was referenced on the series. The condiment was originally a limited edition promotional item for Disney's 'Mulan' however, after appearing on the Adult Swim cartoon, fans have pressured the fast food chain into bringing it back for one day only: October 7.

Dunk into the Szechuan sauce deets on 'Entertainment Weekly'.

yourname_toonboom (1).jpg
Source: Tofugu.

  1. This guy went to all the 'Your Name' locations in Tokyo.

In Japanese, seichijunrei describes pilgrimages to real-life locations seen in anime films — and one blogger took it upon himself to go to all the Tokyo scenes from smash hit, 'Your Name'. He then went a step further by comparing the IRL spots with shots from the feature film, and the results are incredible. Makoto Shinkai's animation captures innumerable details, from street signs to plating in cafes. 'Your Name' is the highest grossing anime film of all time and was produced in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

Venture to 'Tofugu' to see all the 'Your Name' comparisons yourself.

  1. Local producers weigh in on Netflix's $500 million Canadian deal.

It's no secret that online subscription services are driving demand for animated content. Last week, Netflix announced it would be opening a permanent film and television production presence in Canada —its first outside the United States— with US$400 million (CAD$500 million) in funding over five years. 'Kidscreen' spoke to producers from local studios marblemedia, Spin Master, Guru and 9 Story to get their thoughts. 'I know Netflix is really committed to kids regardless of where the content comes from,' Guru Studio president Frank Falcone says. 'But what percentage in Canada will be committed to children remains to be seen.'

Dig into the Netflix deal on 'Kidscreen'.

  1. Baobab Studios CCO on VR, animation and immersive storytelling.

Eric Darnell, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Virtual Reality (VR) production company Baobab Studios, will be speaking at VIEW Conference later this month. He's a longtime animation professional, having written and directed all the 'Madagascar' movies, and addresses the opportunities of creating narratives and experiences in this new medium. '…what's similar between traditional and VR animation is that you need good storytelling,' says Darnell. 'Whatever the medium, we would rather create a great story using stick figures than to tell a mediocre one using all the bells and whistles.'

Tap into the next reality of entertainment on 'Variety'.

  1. See amazing women in animation at VIEW Conference.

For the 18th annual VIEW Conference (October 23 to 27 in Turin, Italy), director Prof. Maria Elena Gutierrez is putting added emphasis on women in animation and VFX. The event will feature major female speakers including Maureen Fan (CEO, Baobab Studios), Kim White (director of photography, Pixar) and Noelle Triaureau (production designer, Sony Pictures Animation). 'Women in this industry are often in less visible, supporting roles,' explains Gutierrez. 'But I am seeing more women rising to supervisory levels, to positions that invite more public recognition.'

Have a look at the women in animation speaking at VIEW Conference on 'Cartoon Brew'.

  1. The studio behind 'Your Name' created an anime about Canada.

CoMix Wave Films, the studio behind 'Your Name', created an anime (or 'anim-eh') showing Canada. Well, at least Vancouver, Toronto and some snowy landscapes in between. The short video, titled 'Warm Winter Canada', is part of the Canada Theatre tourism campaign. It follows a couple as they go from the Pacific, through the Rockies, swing by Niagara Falls, stare out over Lake Ontario towards the CN Tower and finish with some northern lights. Cute, if not a bit 'clich-eh'.

Venture over to 'Japan Today' for more on the 'Warm Winter Canada' anime.

What Top Animation News were you most excited about this week? Was there something we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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