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Toon Boom Harmony 14, the future of 2D Animation
Posted on: July 11, 2016 —

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Today we released Harmony 14 making it available for download by existing customers and for purchase on the Toon Boom Store.

Harmony 14 comes in 3 editions and is a studio favourite for artists creating animated feature films, episodic series, games, webisodes, and explainer videos. When asked about the new release, Michael Barth, Senior Animator at Jam Filled said "Harmony 14 brings forward many innovative new features with existing functions catered to our studio's needs. This version allows us to spearhead our profession with the confidence of knowing we are backed and supported by the best animation production software available."

New in Harmony 14

Harmony 14 is the most reliable, efficient and creative release of Harmony to date with performance improvements, user-requested enhancements and better 3D integration. It is also available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and, for the first time, Spanish.

Harmony in Spanish

Having Harmony's powerful drawing, painting and animation tools plus workflow accelerators available in more languages enables more artists to create animated stories in any artistic style.

Better 3D Integration

Michael Lahay, Senior Technical Producer at Nelvana talked shared his thoughts on the new release. "The 3D toolset within Harmony 14 has provided our creative teams the freedom to develop projects which would have been impossible in the past on a television budget. By placing this power in the hands of the artists, we are discovering new creative ways to reduce costs while not compromising on the creative."

The 3D toolset in Harmony lets you easily combine imported 3D models with 2D artwork. Harmony Premium 14 streamlines production with enhanced 3D animation capabilities and new deep image compositing.

Enhanced 3D animation means you can now animate 3D models and their individual parts directly in Harmony 14 - which means no more back and forth with 3D software. You have more creative control when integrating 3D elements with 2D characters in a unified environment.

3D Animation

New deep image compositing takes quality to a new level when you render 2D with 3D in Harmony. Support for rendered images from Arnold and Renderman that include deep pixel information allows you to composite 2D characters with 3D elements and achieve beautiful results.

Layer Syncing for Efficient Rigging

Available in Harmony Premium and Harmony Advanced, new, unlimited art layers that are always in sync help you be more efficient when animating your rigs. This is a great feature for advanced rigs and effects creation,as it provides a simple but powerful way for you to build the look they want, using as many layers as they need.

Layer Sync

Other Fun Features

We get lots of feedback from our customers and Harmony 14 includes many other features that are geared towards a better user experience.

Here are just a few:

Outline Mode makes it easier to work with drawings that are behind other layers.

Easy Flipping Toolbar lets you flip through before/after drawings with one click so you can more efficiently create fluid and interesting animation.

Pose Copier lets you quickly bring character key poses into your scene from a bank of preset poses.

Pose Copier

Get Started on Harmony 14

If you own Harmony Premium, Harmony Premium 14 is available as a benefit for customers with Desktop Subscription or a Perpetual license with Support. Simply go to the Toon Boom site and download your new software today. Harmony Advanced and Harmony Essentials customers who have registered version 12 can Sign In to the Toon Boom website and go to My Downloads to download Harmony 14 for free.

You can also buy a perpetual license of Harmony 14 or get a yearly or monthly subscription. A full breakdown of pricing can be found here.

If you haven't tried Harmony yet, download a free trial here. Free learning materials are available to help get you started.

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