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How to find an animation studio job at Mifa 2018

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For recently graduated students, entry-level professionals and career cartoonists looking for a change, Mifa 2018 is your one-stop shop for a job in animation. Running June 12 to 15 adjacent to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the world’s premiere animation market hosts a buffet of networking and recruiting initiatives — and Toon Boom will be there!

As the world’s leading 2D animation software company, Toon Boom is the bridge that carries artists from school to the studio. Your success is our success, and we see Mifa 2018 as an opportunity to empower the industry through employment.


Keep reading for our guide on how to be recruited and connect with animation studios at Mifa for work!

Step one: Get on recruiters’ radar.
Mifa 2018 is like speed dating for those with talent and those seeking it. Candidates can apply for positions in four stages: first, by getting accreditation for the Festival, meetings or Mifa; then, log onto the Annecy network and online portal to view job postings; apply for positions of interest on there; finally, if you are selected by a recruiter, you will receive an appointment confirmation email.

The more-than 30 animation studios recruiting at Mifa 2018 range from the established (Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation) to emerging leaders like Boulder Media and DreamWall. Other studios hiring that use Toon Boom software include Copernicus Studios, Xilam and more!

Don’t miss Mifa Campus!
Held on Tuesday, June 12, Mifa Campus is a one-day event designed to connect young creatives with seasoned experts. Attendees can participate in workshops and chat with recruiters from studios who will discuss their respective work environments, current job openings and what they are looking for in candidates. Legendary animation director Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) serves as the patron of Mifa Campus 2018 and will share his over 60 years' experience with young animators during a special panel. 


Toon Boom’s top tips for getting a job in animation.
Toon Boom’s own booth (located at 2.002) will serve as a nexus of networking, connecting our global community of artists, amateurs and audiences. Stop by for demos in both English and French in our flagship programs Storyboard Pro and Harmony. With over two decades in the biz, our booth is where 2D animation industry leaders converge. This is your opportunity to leverage our contacts and community to connect with studios.

Francois Lalonde, Toon Boom’s VP of Sales and Marketing, works closely with studios and knows what they are looking for when hiring young animation talent. If you want to chat with him in-person, he will be at our booth alongside French agent Matthieu Sarazin as well as sales directors from major international markets.

In the meantime, Francois put together his top five dos and don’ts for finding an animation job at Mifa 2018:

1. "Have an online animation portfolio."
Whether it’s filled with personal projects, post-secondary education assignments, professionally published work, a portfolio is paramount to getting hired by a studio. Think of it as your creative CV — it should illustrate your skills, style and savvy with animation software like Toon Boom Harmony.


Given that our industry is global and digital, it’s best to have an online portfolio. Not sure if yours is ready for Mifa 2018? As a starting point, “Animation Career Review” has put together 10 tips for what not to do when creating an online animation portfolio.

2. "Know your future employer."
Just getting a meeting with a studio is huge. The best impression you can make is showing you are knowledgeable about what they do and their position in the industry. Why you want to work for them? What are their past successes and upcoming animation projects? What about them engages and excites you?

You want to show you understand their needs and how you can help. Weave yourself into the narrative — how are your skills and personality in line with what’s be done and bring value to what's to come? If you truly want to work there, you’ll be eager to learn as much as possible. Here’s a great list from employment website Glassdoor on seven things to research before any job interview.

3. "Be proud of your work and don’t badmouth it."
As creatives, we can be our own worst critics. Don’t bring that into an interview. Unless you’re already a leader in an organizer, self-depreciation often backfires and makes you look less credible.


While it’s important to be humble, you should always be your work’s biggest champion. Be inspired, dynamic and positive. Instead of making a joke at your own expense, “Forbes” suggests rehearsing how to talk about your achievements while addressing your shortcomings realistically, painting yourself in the best light possible.

4. "Don’t complain about past jobs."
To any potential studio employer, this is guaranteed to make you look bad. As jobs website notes, this makes you look like a complainer and poor sport. Instead, they suggest bringing up the challenges you faced and focussing on the positive results you achieved.

5. "Never breach confidentiality."
For obvious reasons, this makes you look untrustworthy to future employers. Also, the animation industry is small and it can get you into trouble. Honesty is positive; over-sharing is poisonous.

Which studios do you want to meet at Mifa 2018? What else are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Banner image source: Annecy International Animated Film Festival Facebook.

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